Level 4 Standard – Quality Practitioner

The Quality Practitioner

"Raising quality in further education and skills"

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The Quality Practitioner Role

Through times of continuous change, a strong quality infrastructure is a powerful way to hold an organisation together against a tidal wave of restructuring, funding cuts, change in policy, new initiatives, changes in the Ofsted framework, to name just a few.

Colleges are under increasing pressure to deliver a business that not only meets the needs of its stakeholders but is financially sound, resulting in organisations having to revise their quality strategy to take this into account. Not only will an effective quality practitioner need to measure performance, there is also an increasing expectation that delivery across functions is lean and value for money.

To qualify as a fully competent Quality Practitioner, you will demonstrate an understanding of all areas of the college’s operating environment and the factors that influence its direction and performance, including curriculum efficiency, funding and finance, and will include:

  • Actively seeking new methods and tools to convert quality requirements into performance measures objectives, such as Critical to Quality Trees, matrices, etc.
  • Developing knowledge and skills on risk and opportunity management, including the risk and opportunity management principles, framework and processes.
  • Knowledge and understanding of how to promote the right behaviours to create a quality culture in an education environment and how this leads to improved and high performance.
  • Understanding the key principles of the foundation of Quality and Quality Management Systems used in education and wider sectors.

A fully competent Quality Practitioner deploys effective quality practices in their area of responsibility to ensure their organisation fulfils the contractual and regulatory requirements of students and key stakeholders.

The Quality Practitioner Key Duties

The Quality Practitioner role will seek to develop key duties within quality management, including:

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You will seek continuous professional development opportunities such as self-reflection, gathering information, producing personal development plans and keeping up to date on sector and organisation regulation.

The Quality Practitioner Standard - Objectives

The Level 4 Quality Practitioner Standard is designed to develop and improve the implementation and impact of sound quality practices through:

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By developing best practice behaviours, you will:

  • actively promote best practices and continuous improvement
  • operate diligently with professionalism considering a wider picture
  • act with integrity by being open and honest
  • always put the student at the heart of every task.


Over a 14-month period, Quality Practitioners will build a portfolio of evidence to Level 4 standard demonstrating professional competence in the role.

The Quality Practitioner will present a work-based project and presentation demonstrating an impact on quality in a specified area followed by a professional discussion.

The work-based project will be designed to ensure your work meets the needs of the organisation and is relevant to your role. This method will demonstrate your professional competence and contribute to an area of improvement and will be part of your everyday work.

It will be a significant and complex piece of work that thoroughly tests both higher and lower order knowledge and skills.

The presentation will be based on the work-based project and will articulate the outcomes of the project, the project tools used and how risks were mitigated ensure required outcomes. It will also be specific on the the challenges of the project and an explanation of how and why specific techniques have been selected.

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Teacher Training


Practitioners will then be able to be a member of the professional body, the Chartered Quality Institute - Quality Practitioners level.

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