Level 4 Standard - Quality Practitioner

The Level 4 Quality Practitioner Standard is designed to develop and improve the implementation and impact of sound quality practices enabling Quality Practitioners to build a portfolio of evidence demonstrating professional competence in the role and to be able to be a member of the professional body, the Chartered Quality Institute - Quality Practitioners level.

Teacher Training

We are experts in the development of teachers, providing coaching, mentoring and recognised qualifications.

Introducing the new Learning and Skills Teacher Level 5 Apprenticeship!

At the heart of our programme is the commitment to creating the dual professional. Participants will typically be vocational specialists relatively new to the teaching profession. The programme is delivered over two years, at which point they will be assessed against nine themes.

Learning & Support

At FEA we recognise that teachers are professionals and very proud of their craft and the resources they create. It is also true that sharing of best practice is key to the continuous development of teachers. This section hosts an array of resources to support delivery of teaching and learning. The resources will include specific activities to complete with your students, but also research papers, and key information from Ofsted. Both the vlogs and blogs will refer to specific resources in this section enabling a full explanation of how to utilise them. This section will continue to grow and develop with a bank of resources to support high quality teaching and learning.

Ten Effective Techniques
Question Matrix A4
Strategy Elicitation Questions
Solo Taxonomy Progress Chart
Ofsted Quality Of Education
Setting Effective Objectives

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Interim Leadership and Management Solutions

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CPD Training

FEA are proud to support your institution’s CPD needs. We are currently offering five specific sessions designed to enhance the quality of teaching and learning. Teachers are very busy professionals so our CPD sessions are designed to provide teaching practitioners with tools and resources they can use tomorrow.

Recent blog articles on teaching

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Considering Leadership in FE

As a teacher, you may be considering the next step in your career to your first leadership position. And for current leaders, you are probably reflecting upon how successful you were in your approach and what key learning points you will be taking forward. As a current senior leader, I devote a significant amount of […]

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The Power of Language: Progress and Effort vs Gifted and Talented

The terms ‘gifted’ and ‘talented’ are widely used in all walks of life, and can be defined as “having exceptional talent or natural ability”. In education this implies every learner has a ceiling and their success, or lack thereof, is predetermined. Effort will not have an impact, and our success in life is attributed to […]

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